Cybersecurity Workshop Series

Build your foundational cybersecurity program in just 12 weeks with Fractional CISO.

Learn better together.

Fractional CISO’s Cybersecurity Workshop Series is designed to quickly and affordably build the foundation of a great cybersecurity program, while investing in the long-term cybersecurity skills of your team. Meet weekly with a cybersecurity expert in a small-group setting to learn everything you need to kickstart your cybersecurity program.

Utilize the shared knowledge of your peer group to apply proven knowledge to quickly solve cybersecurity challenges, while taking advantage of monthly one-on-one meetings with your expert to do a deep dive into more complex issues and get guidance unique to your organization.

Plus, enjoy a whole suite of other resources, including a security plan template library, a shared Slack channel to communicate with your cybersecurity expert and peer group, and more!

Built for startups.

Cybersecurity poses an exceptional challenge to small organizations. Cyber attacks are an existential business threat, and growth is hampered by companies who demand to see strong security and compliance programs.

However, a full-time cybersecurity employee would be too much – both in scope, and expense. Companies in less-populated areas may not have access to the cybersecurity talent present in cities either. Whatever the reason, many small organizations are left at an impasse, where are they supposed to get the knowledge they need to secure their business?

This cybersecurity coaching service is designed to fill the gap for small organizations. By participating in the program, you will meet your cybersecurity goals and gain the knowledge and skills to grow your security program and business together!

In 12 weeks, your organization will:

1. Measurably improve your security posture.

  • Improve the security of your AWS implementation by 50% (as scored by AWS Security Hub CIS Controls)
  • Improve the security of Google Workspace implementation by 10%
  • Improve the security of your Internet facing posture by 5% – 10%
  • Evaluate your cyber insurance coverage
  • Learn how to implement key cybersecurity practices such as employee off-boarding and vendor management
  • Plan for future cybersecurity and compliance investments

2. Gain valuable cybersecurity resources.

  • Your participating team members will become more knowledgeable about cybersecurity and be able to help future security actions
  • Templates covering all areas of the curriculum
  • Access to the Fractional CISO Community Slack workspace for collaboration with cybersecurity experts and peers
  • An Incident Response Plan that you understand

How does it work?

Sign up

Sign up for the program! You can get started by getting the pricing for your organization or by contacting us.

Once a complete small group of 6-10 organizations has signed up, your group meetings will begin.

Attend your sessions

Up to 3 of your employees can attend the weekly small group coaching sessions. We will move through topics to progressively help you build your cybersecurity program - along with covering topics of-interest and in-need to the group.

Every session will include the cybersecurity expert going hands-on with various group members to demonstrate how the work is done.

Start your program

Use the knowledge, templates, and plans provided to build out a cybersecurity program at your company. Use your once-monthly one-on-one meeting with your cybersecurity professional to get their hands-on assistance and guidance with any problems you may be having. By participating in our sessions and using our tools to implement what you learn at your own company, you will build the foundation of a cybersecurity program, ready for expansion.

Cybersecurity coaching is designed to coach your business on how to better secure itself. It covers topics such as cloud security, cybersecurity program creation, internal audits, cyber insurance, incident response, and much more.

By equipping you with the knowledge, tools, and guidance needed to secure your business, you will complete security tasks faster, allowing for more time to focus on other parts of running your business.

The peer group is the setting for Fractional CISO’s cybersecurity coaching offering. Members of our cybersecurity coaching groups will meet weekly in the group setting with a cybersecurity professional to discuss and workshop various cybersecurity topics.

Peers will be able to use this time, along with a community slack, to ask questions of and learn from one another’s experiences. Many small organizations share similar cybersecurity challenges, and you will be able to consult with colleagues who know exactly how the rubber hits the road.

Along the way, Fractional CISO will be helping to ensure everyone’s questions are answered and can explore topics that affect all peers in greater depth.

This program is not designed to give you a SOC 2 at the end of it. However, everything that we’ll cover is foundational to achieving cybersecurity compliance. We anticipate that several organizations will use a compliance software tool in conjunction with this program to help them achieve SOC 2 or ISO 27001 compliance.

If you are interested in a managed SOC 2 or ISO 27001 program and audit management services, our custom cybersecurity consulting service will be better-suited for you. Our Virtual CISO program is also more suited to any company that needs or wants more personalized and hands-on service.

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