Press Release: Fractional CISO Announces QuantiShield, the Quantitative Cybersecurity Risk Assessment


Fractional CISO, the Virtual CISO company, announced today the release of QuantiShield. QuantiShield is the quantitative cybersecurity risk assessment for mid-market technology, financial and manufacturing firms. Today mid-sized companies have difficulty assessing their risk. Existing quantitative risk assessments target large enterprises. These tools are designed for risk management departments. They are priced for large enterprises. QuantiShield allows companies to quantify and manage their risk. It does it without the heavy investment of personnel and capital.

“We could not be prouder of our QuantiShield product,” said Rob Black, Founder and Managing Principal of Fractional CISO. “Our clients have been delighted with the solution. One even called it ‘magical’. It has helped them to get a handle of their cybersecurity risk. And our clients are able to get an effective business risk assessment quickly.”

QuantiShield not only helps companies to reduce their cybersecurity risk but to comply with standards. ISO 27001 and SOC 2 both require risk assessments. Fractional CISO guarantees that QuantiShield will comply with auditors’ risk assessment requirements.

“QuantiShield helped identify the significant vulnerability in a wire transfer process. Based on the results, corrective actions were taken to reduce risk. Fractional CISO’s QuantiShield delivered a granular understanding of cybersecurity risk. Its comprehensive nature provided the big picture view that was needed.” Said the CTO of a Fractional CISO financial services client.

QuantiShield draws on the latest research in the area of quantitative risk. It leverages the principles behind Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) and How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk. It uses Monte Carlo simulation to simulate thousands of possible outcomes. QuantiShield takes the value of an organizations’ assets as input. This is a very important step that many risk assessments miss. It then measures the threats specific to the customer’s environment. It takes their technical and process controls into account.

The end results are transformative. Customers get a dashboard of their overall cybersecurity risk. It includes the implicit cost of their cybersecurity. Most important, it includes a prioritized list of threats ranked greatest to least. Each one has a dollar value associated with it. Customers can easily view which ones are the highest impact and need to be addressed first.

Large enterprises pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for risk assessments. QuantiShield brings the value of these large enterprise assessments into the mid-market. Fractional CISO customers have been delighted with the reasonable pricing.

QuantiShield is helping to revolutionize cybersecurity risk assessments.

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About Fractional CISO:

Fractional CISO is a leader in the Virtual CISO market. Fractional CISO helps its customers reduce their cybersecurity risk. Fractional CISO’s Virtual CISOs establish and maintain cybersecurity programs at its clients. The Virtual CISOs perform gap assessments, risk assessments and mange compliance. They establish policies and procedures and manage technical staff. Fractional CISO helps organizations make better cybersecurity decisions.

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